indigoprinceofslytherin: nonbinary Cecil Palmer fanart by weird-at-last on tumblr Cecil is smiling and has long purple curly hair and is chubby and wearing lots of purple and blue clothing and is flamboyant and surrounded by sparkles (Cecil Palmer, fanart, nonbinary, purple, sparkly, weird-at-last, WTNV)

To Boldly Hope

I love symbrock, fanfiction and podcasts :)

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Indigo, 24, genderqueer aroace, they/fae pronouns, mixed race desi diaspora

Main ships: Symbrock, Stucky, Cecilos, Jupeter, Mabel x Anna, Parvati x Chandramukhi, Sam x Frodo :)

Venom (2018) is a rom-com and my favourite love story ever :)

Fave podcasts: WTNV, Mabel, Bright Sessions, Penumbra, and for non-fiction: She's All Fat :)

I love stories that have ace, trans or nonbinary characters and which portray PTSD, anxiety/panic attacks and/or disabilities. I adore hurt/comfort fics with happy endings. I will also happily read any fanfic with SSC nonsexual bdsm & aftercare. Fic recs always welcome :) I make fan art when I have the spoons :)

My ao3, spotify and tumblr are also indigoprinceofslytherin

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